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Environmental Awareness

Ian Weigh Toyota Environmental Awareness

Ian Weigh Toyota are continuously striving to minimise our environmental footprint through a number of initiatives. We’re heavily focussed on reducing our power consumption, water consumption, and implementing measures to reduce our waste. Our goal is to continue promoting environmental awareness though a number of campaigns.

Power Consumption

Having a large dealership located in Central Queensland comes has a large environmental toll when it comes to air-conditioning, lighting and general power supply. In an effort to reduce out consumption the Toyota dealership has a 100KW solar system (244KW across all sites) and are planning on expansions.

LED lighting and energy efficient appliances are all used throughout the dealership to lower out energy demand.

Water Consumption

Ian Weigh Toyota operates a carwash system and a number of detailing bays all requiring a continuous flow of water. The dealership has an unground water storage capacity of 60,000 litres.

These tanks are designed to capture rainwater from the dealership rooftops as well as reutilising water from the carwash and detailing bays


In an attempt to minimise our waste Ian Weigh Toyota segregates and recycles as many materials as possible. This includes the segregation and recycling of printer cartridges, batteries, paper, cardboard, soft plastics, metals, minerals, filters.

We are also actively looking for opportunities to work towards a paperless future..

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