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Does a Hybrid vehicle really make a difference. We compare the RAV4 2.0L Petrol against the more powerful RAV4 Hybrid to see the difference. The standard 2.0-litre RAV4 has 127kW of power and 203Nm of torque while the hybrid has a maximum power output of 163kW from the motors and petrol engine, and 221Nm of torque from the petrol engine plus a whole lot more from the hybrid system. The hybrid system on the vehicle does add weight to the vehicle which is around 70Kg For the comparison we’ve driven the vehicle 25,000km’s per year at a fuel cost of $1.60 per litre Ravcomparison The Results                                                             Rav4 Petrol         Rav4 Hybrid Fuel cost per year                                                         $2,720                     $1,880 Estimated CO2 emissions per year                          3.88 tonnes             2.67 tonnes   Hybrid advantage The Rav4 Hybrid is estimated to save $840 in fuel per year and produce 1.2 tonnes less CO2 making it a worthwhile investment.
Posted by Ian Weigh Toyota / Posted on 11 Nov
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    Ian Weigh Toyota

    Call: (07) 4924 5200
    Call: (07) 4925 5555